Shut Up!

Shut Up! an Ancient Mantra for Complete Happiness: The Simple Truth Your Guru, Therapist, and Grandmother Forgot to Tell You

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Shut Up! An Ancient Mantra for Complete Happiness (The Simple Truth Your Guru, Therapist & Grandmother Forgot To Tell You)shutup_book_back_lg

Table of Contents

When Will It Get Better?
Why Do I Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over Again? When Will I Ever Learn?
After All My Meditations and Therapy, Why Am I Still So Angry?
Why Can’t I Be More Loving?
When Will I Get Rid of My Ego?
Why Can’t I Serve More? I’m So Lazy.
How Many Past Lives Have I Had, and How Many More Do I Need to Be Free?
Where is My Soul Mate?
When Will I Be Enlightened?
Why Do I Need a Guru, and How Do I Know I’ve Found the Right One?
Final Note

Q & A
The Nonsense That Keeps You Unhappy!
Recommendations for Mind and Body