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7 Ancient Principles for Complete Happiness(workshop 2-4 hours)

1. If it could be different, It would be different. Stop worrying about events you can’t control or change.
2. Love is your very Nature – not a passing emotion.
3. Happiness is your very Nature -not an experience that comes and goes.
4. Grace is your very Nature – not a blessing that miraculously may occur.
5. Enlightenment is your very Nature – not an experience or goal.
6. God is your very Nature – and every other God-Awful thing you are and do!! You don’t have to: Be one with God, suffer for God, please God, groan or moan for God. You don’t have a clue about God, so let him be and do His job. You do Yours- Instead of driving yourself crazy with misery and regret over thoughts of what “you should or shouldn’t do” to evolve & deserve God.
7. Things that come and go are not your Nature. Past-present-future plus thoughts-feelings-experiences come & go.

Seminars (1-2 hours)

• When will it get better?
• Why do I make the same mistakes over and over again? When will I ever learn.
• Why can’t I be more loving?
• When will I get rid of my ego?
• Why can’t I serve more? I’m so lazy?
• How many past lives have I had and how many more do I need to be free?
• Where is my soul mate?
• When will I be Enlightened?
• Why do I need a Guru, and how do I know I’ve found the right one?
• Q & A – The nonsense that keeps you unhappy!

”There is only one time to
awaken…That time is now.”-Buddha

Special Designed Courses(seminars and workshops)

• Prisons
• Schools
• Churches
• Ashrams and Caves Books, CD, DVD and more….
• Shut Up! An Ancient Mantra for Complete Happiness-(Book, CD & DVD)
• My Little Guru – and Other Wondrous Stories, And Divine Quotes of LOVE
• Moms Come First! Three Steps to Enlightened Successful Parenting
• Private Consultations

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“Everyone is Happiness, but not everyone is Happy. The only difference between ‘enlightened & unenlightened’ is: One is Happiness & HAPPY! The other is still Happiness but UNHAPPY.” –Sri Sri Ravi Shankar