“Finally to relax…I’m waiting for my tears to stop falling… you got me to the core ma’am. Do you have any idea at all how much I adore you divine one, and how grateful I am to have this connection with you? And finally relax…… and finally relax….. and finally relax. It’s been a long time getting to here. Let’s go for some Italian gelato. You I love.”–Bella

“Reading your book and postings here really helps me relax through turbulent times…”

“Her spiritual philosophies are progressive yet have a folksy ‘common sense’ ring to them. (If you look around though, her revelations are anything BUT common.) I check Dvorah’s site several times to soak it all in. This is the stuff we should have grown up with…but somehow never did. Parents and society don’t teach it.” –Lisabeth

“Dvorahji is the best & she’s right here–no schlepping to Katmandu required!
My teacher (now deceased) said that people always miss what is right in front of their little faces. he also said that if you’re going to have a teacher, it should be a living one. Dvorahji has moved my butt right out of advaita mind games. Happiness has ensued:-)”–Irene

“Dvorahji is reverently irreverent, funny without anger, and easy to look at!”

“Wow, amazing expression of the one heart…I thank you, and honor your absolute clarity. Seeing through bullshit without a blink…Yes. love is…There is no question in true seeing…”–Thailand

“Dvorahji, you’re aces…thank you for everything. Your website and Facebook entries took me further in a few months than much of the other stuff I dragged myself over to Barnes & Noble to read over the years. Thank you for all you do and everything you continuously give. Love ya. “–Liz

“”Dearest Dvorah,
I love your postings because they expand my Art of Living family.
I love your postings because they stretch and expand my thinking.
I love your postings because they touch and massage my heart.
I love your postings because their elegance and insight makes me cry.
I love your postings because their wit and wisdom make me laugh.
I love your postings because they encourage and remind me to relax.
I love your postings because they are a dose of joy, inspiration, light and love for me every day.
I love your postings because they are gentle and yummy like the vegan marshmallows I treated myself to yesterday.
I love your postings because they give me a nudge and sometimes a kick in the you know what to open my eyes and heart wider – especially when I feel like contracting and shrinking from what is.
I love your postings because they remind me that I’m more than I think myself to be.
I love your postings because you look really fine in rabbit ears.
I love your postings because you remind me to have fun.
I love your postings because if things could be different, they would be different.
I love your postings because you remind me to shut up.
I love your postings because I belong to you.
From my heart to yours…….” –Batia

“When the people find their way to Dvorahji, you can be sure, that they are going to be okay!” –Charlotte

“D… if you were living close by I would be calling you for a cup of tea and your dosage of wisdom at this moment even if it’s 11 pm “–Dawn

“I loved this video the first time I saw it and still love it. Great wisdom mixed with a lot of humor. You are amazing Dvorah. Keep on laughing and be one with your giggle. Jai Gurudev”–Carla

“You are a beautiful ‘Honey Bee’ busy spreading sweet pollen called knowledge.
As you sprinkle your pollen on my head, my third eye opens wide seeing truth and light. As I close my eyes to fall asleep, your pollen gives me great peace in the night, Love”

“I can’t even begin to explain how this post makes me feel. It’s amazing timing – me reading it, you posting it. I love what you said here. :)”–Patricia

“You are always a light to us when our mind is in total darkness…”–Neelam

“Oh!!! Reading your words, I feel so Liberated!!!!!”–Vijay

“I love you! You are the reminder that reminds the mind to mind its business. I am grateful.”–Candice

“I love you and you rock my world”–Chandelle

“Thanks for the Divine guidence :}”–Jeff

“I saw some of your videos of you. when ever I feel sad my friend used to send the web link of your videos. Luckly, I saw ur profile today.”–Janice

“Just wanted to tell you how much you’re loved from this end of the world. Can’t tell you how many times I here your voice in the middle of insanity. It brings me to laughter and leads straight to joy. Happy New Year Dearest Dvorahji, I belong to you”–Devi

“Light bulb moment! Of course. There are not two wills. to get that is to be able to finally, at long last, relax. Turns out I’m not in charge of anything; I’m not even the hall monitor. What a relief! Thank you.”–Irene

“Amazing videos”–Roma

“I am very grateful to have connected with you via FB. Reading your comments every day, and reading other people’s thoughts and experiences helps reinforce in a gentle, relaxing, joyful, magical and powerfully authentic way of being, how I truly am in this world.”–Barbra

“You are like a breath of fresh air, as opposed to all the hot air and platitudes that appear on facebook. I can always sense you, I’m glad we’re both on the planet at the same time! in love and light.” –Jarvis

“hahaha, Jesus teaches difficult forgiveness, Dvorahji teaches we are forgiveness”

“Dvorahji, you have such a unique way of looking at things… I love your outlook on everything, and it definitely gives people a new perspective.”–Amber

“We love Dvorahji because she tells it like it is, not how it’s ‘supposed’ to be!”

“Thank you for bringing me closer to freedom, love and my Nature every day. Love you x “–Chandelle

“Love your video channel…..Having so much fun here, warm and cozy – just me and you while the snow falls heavily outside. This site is fun, fun, fun!”–Amy

“Your messages help remind me that everything is ok and as it should be…..they help me find the peace of my heart I am trying to remember. I appreciate and am thankful for the wisdom you share.” –Susan

“Thank you Dvorahji … you are such a bright light — sending lots of heart light from the green mountains of Vermont to you.”–Sandy

“Happy New Year, Dvorahji–thank you for your wit, your laser-like understanding of cosmic affairs, your warmth, humor, friendship. Every blessing for the coming year…you continue to blow my mind with every bite. (((HUGS)))” –Lilly

“Blessings to you on the verge of this awesome new decade. Your words changed me in many ways this year. Saving grace for me. Thank you, and I’ll shut up now and simply CHILL OUT.”–Serena

“It’s been a long time since a “guru” has made me laugh out loud!
Your ‘stories’ are soooo adorably FUNNY! :-)))”–Margaret

“I love you and all you have to say…my dear….sometimes I take myself a little to seriously and need to be grounded my the beautiful words of the bring me to a place of seeing the funny side of Self. The Holy yet Hilarious or Hol-arious within. I need that in my life right now. To know thyself in the whole of devine truth is to be able to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all and to laugh at ones self too. I have no gurus …i do however have many teachers. You are one I hope to listen too more in the future.”–Jenna

“Yes, I’ve seen your videos. I love them !! Thank you for bringing such fun and joy into all this serious business of ever elusive enlightenment…”–Ansev

“What I call the ‘direct method’ that you offer exactly fits for me. It’s simple and to the point. I find your wisdom always leaves me in silence. Thank you.” –Mari

Dissolve the illusion FIRST…
begin to live your life in full confidence of WHAT IS !
Thank You Dvorahji for the words of clarity…Love”–Nancy

“I find your ‘readings’ full of wisdom and insight. I’m so glad that Spirit and Synchronicity alerted us to the existence of one another in Facebook.”–Ray

“You are a great being! LOVE”–Charlotte

“I see you as that vast vision Arjuna saw when Krishna opened his mouth…” –Ken

“Dearest Dvorahji, the first thing I look for in FB when I access it is your Loving Wisdom, which I always find Useful, to the point, Humorous and just plain works in my life…IS TRUTH. It helps me stay in my Nature. I feel truly blessed to receive this gift and to share your wisdom with others. I hope I’m blessed to meet you soon and give you a Big Grateful Heart-Full Hug! Love You!”–Marg

“Dearest divine D, Thank you for your insights, the wit and wisdom and the love you share in your postings. You are a treasure beyond words.”–Betty

“Thank you so much for all you share and all you care – I am grateful to have met you here . . . just a short time ago . . . I love EVERYTHING you post . . . just such great reminders with smiles, laughter, music, humor and love …”–Mahtma

Thank you for a great partial-year of goodness! When the student was ready, you appeared! Love and love”–Jeff

“Dearest Dvorahji, Yes I just now looked at your website. It is beautiful. Thank you for all you are doing in the world to help others recognize their true nature.Love & Hugs”

“We enjoy your writings so much. you Coulda been a contender.”–Jerry

“I want to take this opportunity to tell how much I love you and cherish your presence in my life *hugs*”–Lavenna

“I love your message… in its own unique way it is sound, loving, and speaks of your unique truth… I just happen to resonate with it also! Lol…”–Ray

“And thank you for the wisdom IF IT COULD BE DIFFERENT IT WOULD BE. Silence. The mind has no argument for that but to dissolve. LOVE YOU!!!”–Joan

“I LOVE the shut up song! In fact, I’m planning to sing it at Yogaville satsang one day soon. I know it by heart.”–Rose

“I LOVE YOU!!! Laughing my head off at the posts on your page…”–Pam

“Loved your Kali feature on your wall, btw. You’ve got a great blend of charisma, humor, ferocity and the laughing Buddha”–Liz

“When I read your posts I see/feel/… Love pouring from you for all! Love You!!!!”

“Excellent! Thank you for your 5 sutras. They’re only 5 and yet each in itself is a clear pointer to peace and joy that we are. Love You!”–Michael

“Absolutely beautiful Awakening Video!! Each and every word !! each !! each and every word !! true.”–Tanbir

“These Sutras are so helpful, I feel bliss just by reading them. Thank you teacher Dvorahji, for streamlining everything.”–lavena

“And finally relax…. I’m waiting for my tears to stop falling… you got me to the core ma’am. Do you have any idea at all how much I adore you divine one, and how grateful I am to have this connection with you. And finally relax…… and finally relax….. and finally relax. It’s been a long time getting to here. Let’s go for some Italian gelato. You I love.”—Betty

“Thank you for your wise words and modeling true love ….”–Tina

“Thus, we love you b/c you are the SHUT UP Guru. 🙂 Talking is easy. Listening – not so much. Yet, I have learned tons from you, and very little from my own yapping…”

“Thank you Dvorah I so enjoy connecting with you through the heart felt posts you share and your deep spirited wise woman energy…. love and many blessings back to you.”–Candace

“Thanks Dvorahji.. Your posts are always satisfying being evolutionary and at times revolutionary also… NAMASTE”–Ajay

“‘We are here only to play’ – beautiful, each and every word in this audio/song was so deep…. really !! and so much fun and happy…while watching this video, I was like a kid, clapping my hands in joy and actually laughing out loud. fun, yet there is depth in this fun !!! so deep.” –Vijay

“Amazing Dvorah !! Amazing !! that are amazing and yet such simple words !!! WOW !!! Every one needs to read these words !! I am hooked onto your FB status and comments now….pearls…absolute diamonds of wisdom…”–Kabir

“The radiance of your photo and your words takes my breath away. I re-read it over and over again and thank you for shaking me up and loving so fiercely. I love you to bits. Whole lotta shaking going on.”–Barbara

“Bravo !!!! That was fantastic!!! I loved this video and knowledge in it!!!
amazing !! :)))))) And along the way, watching this video, I couldn’t stop the big grin on my stupid face!! I loved this. :). I am totally inspired to read your book ‘shut up’…and i am not even a book person…if there is such a thing as a book person !! :)”–Tammy

“I give thanks that we met and made a connection, now I feel blessed that we’re one *hugs* Love you so much”–Laveena

“Oh Dvorahji!!!! You are so lovable. Coming up with such beautiful insights!!!”–Vijay


“’I am love. I am Guru.’ Thank you, Dvorahji. Sometimes we do need to hear things said forcefully. As for Gurus, I, like others, wish to connect to a FEMALE Guru. You are my Guru, as I am sometimes a guru to others.
Thank you for your tireless work, and your love, Dvorahji.”–Elizabeth

“AWESOME!!! Silence!!! The ‘Guru Principle’ that flows through you is utterly Mind Blowing! Anyone who truly Listens From The Heart..I encourage everyone who reads it to let the energy of the words sink into their very being. I don’t really know how else to express it. Just try and do what Dvorahji is saying…just try.”–Jai Gurudev

“Yes, it’s all THAT . . . and when I get disturbed, it’s THAT, too 🙂 What a relief !!! That’s what brings the relaxation . . . I’m ALL THAT !! lol !! Dvorahji …. I just came across you today here on FB and I am soo delighted . . . I feel such a kindred and very FUN soul with you . . . I love how you say it like it is and with HUMOR …. God knows we all need that . Thank you”–Mahtma

“Oh Dvorahji! The more I hear you, the more I adore you!!!!”–Vijay

“You’re Amazing, Dvorahji! I love how you continue to point to the Truth, cutting off any of our statements that say ‘but…’, so we Stop and see/recognize/notice/observe What Is/Who or What we really are, rather than having all our attention on what’s fleeting. When I remember and come back, the ‘burdensome’ thoughts drop since there’s no substance to them, and then appropriate action follows. Amazing! And yet so simple, too simple, how can it be so simple, can’t be…and but IT IS! Love You!”–Margaret

“Dvorahji, I find your postings very welcome. It’s like a satsang every time I read one of your entries. Nudges and reminders combined with lots of love from your open and giving heart, make each of your entries a precious gift to me. I hope we can meet one day beautiful soul that you are. I am most grateful and humbled and excited to read these ‘knowledge’ entries from you. Remember I belong to you dearest one, and I am adopting you as my mother, sister, friend, my family. Love and blessings to you always dear heart.”—Barbara

“Dvorahji, recently i have purchased – shut-up and it is a real motivator. It’s great!”

“Bliss upon Bliss today and always. I am grateful for your profound wisdom.”–Leslie

“Dearest Dvorahji, Happy Birthday! I am so happy that you were born and that you exist – even if only to convince me that I don’t 😉 Thank you million, million tons :)”–Deb

“My dearest wonderful adorable Dvorahji…!! May you keep lighting the lives of Us miserable seekers…”–Suresh

“I am grateful for your words of inspiration”–Jill

“You are a gift to all of us, words cannot express how much you’ve helped me. Thank you for being my guiding light, I love you very, very, very much”–Lisa

“Voila…. Happy Birthday to A Happy Women who took This birth and made it a day for many like us…. Love you Dvorahji…Jai Guru Deva”–Vin

“Thank you for your humor, your love, your sparkle – you are everyone’s mother!”

“God, I love your profile and writings Dvorahji! Is it Jai Guru Deva, or Just As It Is?”

“As always you put a smile on my face!!! Love it! If it could be different, it would be different!”–Janice

“Thanks you, Dearest Dvorahji. I needed to hear this. Even though you share the same ‘mantra’ with us over and over again, I amaze myself that I’m still discovering new ‘leaves’ to this Awesome mantra. BEAUTIFULLY, AMAZINGLY, WONDERFULLY, AWE!!! Oh, HO……….”–Margaret

“I love and appreciate the knowledge that you share with us. It is so real!”–Yancy

“Dvorahji, The Epitome of love & compassion! can be strict if necessary.
feel like putting my head on your lap and crying uncontrollably!”–Vijay

“You are such a treasure that was given to me by Guru Dev & God…I’m so grateful for your postings.”–Vijaya

“A mad woman you are…lol…I love all what you say…I know that there are all kinds of books about loving happiness but why read em…I got you on FB…:) no time to read (except with school of course) but lotsa time on FB. :)”–Dawn

“Thank you for all of your messages because I am deeply inspired by you. I do send friend request to you when my friends are diving deep for knowledge…If your knowledge was one sided, I would not trust it completely, but it is as clear as an open SKY…I love you and keep bringing it on SISTA!!!”–Blackbird

“If Nisargadatta was alive today and asked about Dvorahji, I am sure, he would have approved of her, in his own inimitable style!!!”–Vinjay

“This might be a shock, but I get it, thank you 🙂 (picks Dvorahji off the floor)”–Sinead

“Hi. I don’t really think u know me…!! I just wanted to say when ever I see u or hear you – I cant stop my self from laughing…it feels really good and uplifting 🙂 I can feel the energy very big when ever I log onto ur profile…. 🙂 btw I love ur song Shut Up and be happy!!!”–Jituli

“I think Dvorahji is being very polite! I do not think she needs to read any books! I am reminded of those Zen Buddhist who burnt holy books to keep themselves warm, and it served a great purpose.”–Sandy

“What is a guru? A guru is a teacher who has followers. it seems like the guru doesn’t get to choose their followers. They just do their thing and people follow. Teach me guru.”

“Thanks, I wanted to tell you how much your words are getting me through some difficult times.Best wishes”–Kathryn

“Dearest Dvorah…You are so true. You write like Rumi, in the 12th century. He wrote as one writing Hallmark Cards for 2009. You are so much more insightful; also, much better looking! Nothing worse than a sage who looks more like a sau-sage. You, my dear, have it all – and you reveal to us that it is all for us as well: well-wrapped, beautiful gifts, of such rareness and blessing. Not ‘stored in heaven’, nor under the Christmas tree (funny, he was on a tree, yet we drag one into our homes for his birth, don’t we?). But within our hearts, our soul, our mind, thank you”–Greg

“Thanks for the joy! Smile Maker!”–Lisa

“Thank you for being here and bringing the good news!!! Love!”–Judy

“I feel like u r my grandma… Whenever I read ur postings I feel ‘she’ is telling me…When I’m confused or worried…ur post drops by me…so sweet of u…love u dvorahji…do take care…miss ya.”–Ryatt

“RELAXED, SO BLESSED, RECEIVING, CHILL. So much gratitude, heart overflowing, blessings dropping like autumn leaves all around me.”–Jeff

“Oh god! I have unearthed a treasure. I will print everything and read it at my leisure. Thank you for your posting Dvorahji.”–Vijay

“Jgd…I have read your book…….it is soooooooooooooo lovely, very inspirational book, thank you”–Raina

“I was telling my husband today that I feel so close to you Dvorahji. There are only a few spirits that I find deep connection and understanding from. There are many who do give some light but at the same time I can tell when it is just regurgitated info from a Guru or some self help book. When you speak, I feel as if you have actually walked in my shoes for real. I don’t know you personally and we may never physically meet but I do know one thing and that is….You are so TRUE in your being….I don’t feel you being shy about life and its happenings…Its ok to tell it like it is….love you”–Y.Y.

“Hi saw your face and felt your presence and you just seemed to be really encouraging me on the path. It was very special so I felt that I wanted to let you know. Glad to be your facebook friend!”–Bethany

“Dvorah, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, isn’t it?
Thrilled to be sitting in the front row for your wisdom. Best”–Jeff

“What profundity in such simple statements!!!!!”–Sammy

“Awesome! Cleared many misconceptions! jgd”–Shitalle

“I needed to hear that, definitely a divine message that I needed! Thank u.”–Viranna

“Dvorahji’ Thanks so much to make it so simple, that it goes in me as well… hehe 😀 lol !! THIS IS IT… and It is still here !!! wow amazing :)”–Sunny

“I genuinely love you….you always point out THE most simple truths that we all seem to forget!! Bless you my dearest friend xoxox”–Omar

“Every inch a beautiful experience! so ‘adorably shared’ JGD”–Larry


“Dvorahji, you are quite enlightening!!!!!!!”–Duane

“You were jusssttt perfect for me….today…when I opened fb in college and looked thru my phone…..”–Sarah

“Thank you, sharing your lovely note, just what the doctor wanted me to read, stay blessed.”–Daren

“Dear , beautiful ,simple no guilt words, Flow, thank you”–Natalie

“Your words are like a breath of fresh air… it helps all the time!
You are like a loving and caring mother. Thank you for that!”–Judy

“Hi Dvorahji!!! Thanx a million 4 sharing this beautiful expression, I felt it was even happening with me simultaneously…. thanx love u for this.. jgd”–Sonali

“I am swooning just reading this!!! thanks for sharing.:)”–Nain

“Wow!!! I love it! I could feel what you were going through, energetically…thank you!”

“Again and again joyfully reading this story, it brings so much love and flow! Thank you Dvorahji”–Nate

“Hi Dvorahji, your posts are indeed brilliant! Love your wisdom and playfulness!! Keep on the good job and inspire us all! Love”–Dorna


“I am laughing tears of joy because I value your wisdom and trust that you are allowing the God in you to speak to all of us and so simply, thank you”–Laura

“Yup! Nobody can be like our ONE & ONLY Dvorahji!!! Love you”–Vinnie

“Only a realized person can talk like that Dvorahji!! You are making my life so meaningful and exciting!!!!”–Dessy

“Fabulous reality- and the truth- you simply excel in communicating it D!”–Jack

“WHY!!!!?????…is this “Ask DvorahjI” NOTES getting me hooked? Umm, it’s…just because!!!! love you”–Alex

“Your answer is as mysterious as GODS!!!! Love it!”–Teddy

“…I will…Jaya Sri Dvorahji-ki, Jai!!! /|| ((((bows down))))”–Alan

“It’s better. After reading YOU, I feel I come back to the centre. 🙂 Thanks. Love”
— Aman

“I’m coming undone!! Thank you!”–Alisha

“Again and again you are a wellspring of beauty.. thx:))”–Sage

“Once again – I AM enlightened. THANKYOU!!! xxx”–Adam

“Spoken like the Buddha that you are, Dvorahji! (:Namaste!!!!”–Ann

“Wow, thanks again. This paralleled with my life today. Very very helpful. Oh by the way I purchased your book and got it today and I can’t put it down…you are amazing.”–Kathie

“You are the best medicine on earth! 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!!”–Mark

“You r a Divine Mother for soooo many people…blessings to you and all u r and do! lots of love…this is such an amazing journey for all of us!!!! Namaste and Jai Guru Dev!”–Rene

“Fun, laughter, wisdom, truth, joy, love, ENTHUSIASM… All of these follow where Dvorahji goes. She is one among the most inspiring people I’ve met so far. Her practical wisdom, candidness in speech and her sense of humor is unparalleled, like none other! Simply said ‘Dvorahji ROCKS!’ It’s my honor to recommend her!”–Niru

“I found your videos ‘by mistake’ on Youtube :), enjoyed them so much…love the way you express the ever pervading truth in your own special and wonderful way.”

“I read your book – hilarious, inspiring and breath taking at the same time. Thank you so much for contributing to the spiritually lost and confused. It is amazing.”–Meredith

“I think you are simply divine!! You inspire me beyond belief and make me have faith in TODAY! I pray to guide and inspire as you do.”–Alex

“Seriously cool Spiritual Boomer Alert! Dvorahji. She’s exuberant, funny, ballsy, fabulously wise. She puts an energizing spin on the spirit path, it’s life-affirming and a breath of fresh air. “–Cathy

“Dvorah, she’s beautiful. Your common-sense funnin’ is fueling my day! Love ya”–Jan

“Thanks for this clarity and for your unique and delightful expression.”–Denise

“I suddenly felt lighter after reading that! Thank you so much!!!”–Jorge

“This is so excellent, I cannot begin to tell you the release and freeing I have been experiencing; from reformatting all the wrong thinking I have borne all these years. Thank you so much, love”–Theresa

“With some teachers or “pointers” this can all seem to take on a rather somber cast, all very serious. For you light and easy is the way!”–Michael

“You are so liberating!! I feel just like a puppy who has stepped on paint n is having a ‘whale of time’ in this world canvas.”–Allie

“The only book I bought at the AOL part 2 course was the Shut Up Book, and as soon as I got home with it, my 21 yr old son read it and took it home with him!! He loved it too! THANKS! Much gratitude to you…)”–Alisha

“It is awesomely amazing how beautifully and simply, and in a practical way, you share Truth. Thank you”  –Margaret

“Okay, Dvorahji is making me laugh so hard, I can’t contain myself. She’s wearing a Merlin hat and reading letters from her devotees I’ve got a migraine this is so hilarious!”–Liz

“Dvorahji thank you for graciousness and bringing this here for illumination.”–Sherry

“Dvorahji, you are a curious case! Still we all continue to likeyou:-). How do you manage this! Thanks for converting our facebooks into knowledge books! love & jgd!”–Harish

“Thanks Ma, brilliant!, love”–Charlie

“I was so tired and miserable, not knowing even why certain thought can’t come to me! It creates so much suffering!!! and I am sooooooooooooooooo glad I found DVORAH who finally denied all this crap!! You saved my life! 🙂 Thank you for being with us here!”–Judy

“Love you, can’t help it, that smile of yours is infectious!”–Lisa

“I Love You! what an inspiration! God Bless You.”–Vjay

“Your story inspires and creates silence. Thanks for sharing”–Nancy

“You crack me up!!!! And so hilariously poignant!!!!“-Alex

“You are an inspiring human being spreading wisdom, knowledge and joy! What a story!!” –Yvette

“I love you Dvorahji! You make everything so simple. I am happy.”— Dawn

“Wow! Thank you for all of your loving wisdom!”–Marg

“I have been reading your “My Little Guru book” before I go to bed and every time I read a story, tears come rolling down. Your stories are so beautiful. I have no words to express my gratitude to you for having gifted me this book during GP. No words to express how beautiful your experiences are. Thank You! Jai Guru Dev! love”–Niru

“Ultimate knowledge!!! Jhakaas & bindaaas. JGD”–Avi

“I love all your videos, and your expression of the knowledge, not only meaningless but also priceless! xxoo”–kai

“Thanks Dvorahji, your words have given me relief.”–Sushama

“Your thoughts simply rock :)”–Apartha

“Dvorahji-you are a KALI MA …..just in white clothes…even Shiva is afraid of you…because you don’t leave any space for this non-existing ego. Love you for your expression of truth.”–Amit

“One must be truly grateful for these ‘challenged confused’ and often miserable devotees !! Thanks to them, we get to hear Dvorahji’s pearls of wisdom. 🙂 JaiGuruDev”–Duane

“I can’t stop loving u…”–Anabel

“This is AWESOME!!! The Truth pointed to in an amazingly, invitingly, simple, and humorous way. Speechless. Silence.”–Margie

“You make life so easy n placid……thanxx…”–Subhi

“LMAO & ROFLD (Laughing My Ass Off & Rolling On Floor Laughing Dead)…I’m eating lunch and while I was reading your most recent post, I nearly spit out my soda unto the computer screen laughing hysterically…LOL…you crack me up!!!”–Alex

“Wow Dvorahji-ji! Thanks for busting me out of the box…”–Aron

“Dvorahji this is fabulous, I love your fearlessness. Love what you said and where you’re coming from, thanks xxx”–Lenny

“I read your work and was very heartened and inspired. It helped me when I was still deeply grieving my late fiance, years later and stuck in an emotional rut, and scared about raising my little girl alone. We have recently moved to California to stay and start a new life. I’m glad I found you, so your wisdom and spirit can be part of my every day.”–Mira

“Meeting you on Facebook is a Blessing-I’m gratefull thanx Dvorah! You’re so cooooooool! A looooong hug right NOW”–Toshi

“Beloved you are beautifull and you remind me of my master Osho, thanx for giving me a big smile.”–Shoni

“Again I say ..U r just amazing!!!”–Vivek

“Thank you for your beautiful heart and great courage to share what you know deeply”–Joleen

“I just got tested BIG time, hua… Thanks and LOVE, You are great in the way you give, an inspiration to me :-)!”–Charlotte

“Sri Sri looked so dashing in red at Gurupurnima”! Thank you for making merriment with Guruji for us all to enjoy!”–Leslie

“This knowledge that you write about so well, just hits you! cool!”–Katy

“Dear Dvorahji, just a whiff of your spirit makes me glow and come alive.”–Laveena

“You never fail to amaze me dear friend…These words speak to me very much…may it never be said that you never moved or inspired anyone. love you! xx”–Omar

“I love what you have to say…it’s so uncomplicated and real.”–Doris

“This is about the best piece on meditation I have ever read.”–Fred

“Amazing. A true inspired, spirit living being you are. LOVE LOVE LOVE”–Daniel

“I’m so happy you aren’t a self-proclaimed guru because i…oooopssss…there’s another one….i’m just tripping over them!! What you are is a rock, i’m so glad you’re here. Much love Dvorahji x”–Sinead

“It is a blessing that you share so much joy with those around you. Your words and expanded horizon is far beyond many so-called Guru’s on this earth. So, I will call you LOVE. There shall be no need to explain that label one way or another!! I love you!! Thank you for showing up always.”–Daniel

“The best words I have ever read. So, in the picture of you and Sri Sri which one is the Guru?”–Freddie

“Like I said before, you’re notes give me growth and evolution! Love you too, dear Dvoarhij! Endless blessings to you…”–Annecke

“Wonderful words… displaying the essence of life”–Henry

“What an amazing spirit…thank you.”–Christine

“Dear Dvorahji, you and your words make a part of my growth and evolution… Beautiful and magnificent!”–Danielle

“You are great Dvorahji! Your creative posts on the divine knowledge keeps bring it back to me.”–Marna

“Am glad I got back on facebook and added you as my friend. I’ve enjoyed reading each and every one of your posts, its like candy for the soul, only better. 🙂 I adore you…”–Laney

“I just love your style – you don’t use any unnecessary words in your messages only the core one ‘relax’! Wonderful! :)”–Judith

“I like no bullshit – and that’s what you deliver!”–Cheryle

“I enjoy you. Your spicy personality brings me pleasure. I like my truth to come in many flavors. XXOOO”–Noelle

“Thank you, I love every word you say it gives me clarity and happiness.”–Fran

“Your words are so amazing and true. I love reading them every day! Thank you Thank you Thank you…

“This is not only a beautiful but a USEFUL piece to be cherished over and over again. Thank you Dvorah.”–George

“Life happening, expressing itself in the form of Dvorahji, rocks. Thank you from the heart.”–Caris

“I don’t know if I read anything new but I read something that took me into that space: WOW!”–Naeem

“No matter how many troublesome moments I’ve had during the day, almost every week I get in here (facebook) and I find a note from you that simply makes it all snap tightly into my senses; then I go… “ooohhhhhhh, now I get it!”. And the dark skies clear up and everything is beautiful again in my sight…”–JGD, George

“Superb Dvorahji!… You summed up the entire spirituality and reality in this note… I had a horrible and stressful yesterday (with my research and prof)… and now I read this at just the right time… all of it just burst like a bubble in the air… AHO!!! :)”–Vivek

“I like the way you cut thru the crap! keep it coming.”–Gail

“Sweet !! did melt me !! I am ready to dissolve :)”–Suresh

“One can get so gloomy and isolated – feeling so forsaken. Such is the difference of knowing something. This is why I love DvorahJi so much! She spreads this knowledge! In Facebook, of all places! This what you are doing is so important Dvorah! May you always find the strength to keep doing this, and may this reach more and more people who search for this knowledge and receive it. It makes a world of difference! Thank you deeply my dear friend!”–Jorge

“I found your videos on Youtube quite a few months ago, and my mind was broken wide open… I loved the words that were shared, and the insights of obviousness that had been staring at me all along. I would greatly appreciate having a way to communicate with you more directly, and as I am in Indiana I thought maybe we could be friends by way of facebook. Thank you for your wisdom and humor! Namaste”–Ruthy

“Dvorahji, you give me that that lovely feeling..to be free and soaring high..:)).”–Judy

“I’m a huge fan of “Shut Up” and gave it as a gift to my husband for his birthday. Your wit, humor and zest is are contagious. Appreciation and love.”–Sangeeta

“Dvorahji…you are amazing !! Your devoted self-proclaimed favorite disciple.”–Suresh

“I love this video!! It’s so happy and light and fantastic. It is so nice to see you looking so blissfully happy and at peace! Music is always blissful to me but this is also hysterically fun!!! So glad I found it! thanks!”–Rene

“You’re brilliant and so to the point ….thank you very very much, hugs.”–Shogora

“You radiate happiness and freedom inspiring others along the way.”–Frank

“To realize that if your Life could be Different It would be… Acceptance!! loved it:”--Kalyani

“TRUE MEDITATION IS YOUR NATURE…yes, it is so!I Enjoy your expression Dvorahji! You bring smiles and laughter..”–Annie

“Simple, Simple, thank you, thank you…”–Vinod

“Really needed it right now.. felt like you just hugged me.. loads of luvv!!”–kaily

“Blessings and thank you for being the perfect mirror in our daily lives, dear Dvorah!”–Barry

“Namaskar Dvorahji…your words fill one with joy. My wife also feels happy after reading your messages. Blessed be.”–Vibhav

“You are an Illuminating Candle that Dispels The Darkness in Humanity’s Mind By Staying Lit & Alive.”–Henry

“Dvorahji – I finally started reading your book – largely to procrastinate from studying ears for my medical exam for my test tomorrow. I definitely got high while reading those pages 🙂 – no other substances involved.”–Kevin

“So loving are your sentiments, Dvorah. You’re a natural healer of the heart and spirit…Thank you! xo”–Mary

“Namaste! Hello Dvorahjee, you have the heart and smile of a child…I think it’s called the state of ‘karmsamya’, maybe – the ‘sin-free’ state…”–Ananda

“Dvorahji …you are a New Age Facebook Guru!”–Harshal

“As always, awesome yet simple explanations…”–Yvette

“You make my heart smile…I quite like your style.You resonate with me. So, a poet I’ll be. ;)”–Krystal

“Wonderful words, Dvorah…Thank you. 🙂 You’re a breath of fresh air for the spirit!”–Terry

“Hi,Dvorahji, I don’t know you ,but have read everything you write and post here and look forward to your straightforward approach ,it is refreshing, thank you for you, love and light.”— Susan

“You are so comforting and wise, Dvorah…and you inspire inspiration. xo Thanks for that…:)”–Marilyn

“Thank you for sharing your story. How inspiring you are to us all in so many ways. The picture is so adorable. What an Angel you are. Thank you for constantly showing us little parts of your life so we can see how connected we all are. You’re a constant reminder of Divinity in each of us. Love you Dvorahji”–Devi

“This is when I feel in love with Dvorah! Courage, beauty and strength! Freedom Indeed!”–Michelle

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful smile.. I looked at your display picture and I thought to myself, ‘today I am going to get me that smile :)!’ Wonderful… share the bliss and love….. in love and light Michelle.”–Betty

“Your story really touched my heart, and I’m sure thousands! So grateful for such wonderful beings on this planet!! Keep writing and sharing your beautiful gift to the world….”–Lauren

“Hello dearest! well I’m from Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean 🙂 ). It gives me great pleasure to read all the good and so true things u write!! You are such a sweet being!! Really wish to meet you some day!”–Prakirtee

“Dvorahiji lovely again! – you have the wonderful gift of saying the oh so obvious thing is the most oh so obvious manner…:-praise the lord for your gift of communication :-))”–Shakora

“I like reading your writing. There aren’t very many people out there who really go out on a limb talking about love like the way you do. You are definitely unique. Your writing helps me to keep thing in not get so depressed like it was the end of the world. Thanks for everything you share.”–Dawn

“Oh Dvorah you are so beautiful in so many ways, just brought a smile to my heart, and so you are my smile bearer:) Thank you.”–Sara

“I gave a copy of your book to my friend Sarah – although ‘Liberation had happened’ according to a guru, she was still having troubles with doership and responsibility and thinking ‘oh my God, where did I go wrong?’ — so your book was just what she needed!”–David

“Thank you for your blessings and words of comfort and for being a companion in this awesome road of life (and devotion). Thank you for being you and not a copy of anything else. It gives me the chance to see, and realize that I can also be me. And even when the Guru guides the way, you give a perfectly imperfect example of how to follow.”–Irene

“Dvorahji, I love your notes…they make so much sense. And they are so in alignment with what I believe is truth. I AM…I don’t have to become. And everything unfolds in perfect timing, just as it should be.”–Doris

“Beautiful Dvorahji…..xoxooo I feel Ramana, Gangaji and Guruji do a straight to the heart delivery…(and of course Dvorahji..you too !!)..lotsa love !!”–Ramesh

“Brilliant, like a blinding flash of lightning! ;-)”–Bryce

“Hi Dvorahji – yes, I managed to get the ‘Shut Up’ book – and have given a copy to a friend…wonderful stuff!”–Allen

“Wow, this is indeed true wisdom…thank you Dvorahji!”–Sherry

“Wonderfully said! Clapping now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for being honest and not worry about what others think about what you say. YOU”REEEEEGRRRREEAAAAAAT! As Tony the tiger would say.”–Devita

“Hello Dvorah ji, your posts are lovely. There is so so so much truth in them. You put it like no one else can…”–Gurpreet

“D-Ji, you’ve taken all the hard work and suffering out of my path. Now I feel naked. Who am I without my work, my suffering?! Yikes, this is scary! Do I really want to have fun? Wouldn’t that rob me of my ego? My ego wants to suffer. D-ji, you are so cruel!”–Fred

“Love the video on thoughts! You rock a lot of people from a deep slumber!!!!”–Jack

“True wisdom, Kali, tough love from the Self for the self.”–Gary

“Your simple words carry such profound thoughts. When I read them, I’m simple inclined to believe them!!!!! love”–Barry

“I love your clarity, Dvorah! You so masterfully articulate what I feel. Thanks…”–Ron

“Here you go again…ha…so full of insights and it’s with such grace. However you do it, I am so grateful to have found you as a friend. I’ve never been comfortable with ending my messages with “love, Dawny” but I’ll say it here, love”— Dawny

“Hi dear Dvorahji! You have a simplicity and directness of expression, unencumbered by spiritual concepts — that just speaks to my heart. What a relief to just realize joy~being and allow THIS…Thank you for being what you are!”–Cattis

“I just love you and your commitment to Awakening. Love and peace and gratitude!!”–Daniel

“You are as inspiring and fun as ever, my darling Dvorah-ji. Now, I GET IT, I GET IT!!! Thanks for the confirmation.”–Rory

“You bring so much joy in my life. Just watching your videos brings a bright and beautiful smile on my face. You are just so beautiful.”–Niru

“Beautiful….feels relieved and rested !! thanks !! tons of love”–Sarah

“You’re like a breath of fresh air. You may blow me down some times but oh what a joy.”–Lakshmi

“Your honesty is so refreshing. Some times we just need our world rocked and there’s just know other way to get through to us.”–Georgia

“Ahahaha you make me laugh!! Bless you babe and may you dwell in light…”–Omar

“These knowledge pieces of yours are elixir……Jai Gurudev.”–Bwana

“True freedom is having no choice! Dvorah, you are beautiful and fun and so insightful; thanks for all you bring…. I just love you!”–Jean

“Dvorah, every time I hear you, you are laughing…it rubs off and I want to thank you for being who you are as it helps. You are an inspiration to so many people. Thank you.”–Sue

“I love your messages Dvorahji. You’re like Sri Sri making problems dwarfs and joy a giant. That kind of perspective is so great.”–Sinead

“You have much wisdom & I’m so greatfull for your EXISTENCE and ENLIGHTENMENT! It is by LOVE we “ARE”!”–Sammie

“Hello! I enjoyed your videos and songs on your YouTube page last year, especially “Life is Meaningless!” Brilliant and tons of fun! Thanks for spreading joy and smiles!”–Pierce

“Oh god Dvorahji, how rightly said!…it touched my heart!…you are really great!”–Dan

“My dear, that’s why I love you… And honestly, I imagine you just like that! Your temperament is full of everything and I admire that you enjoy every colour of it, not blaming or praising, but EXPERIENCING every aspect of your existence to the full…”–Varisha

“Beautiful Dvorahji, I always read your comments in admiration.. People appreciate your wisdom so highly.. And it is so obvious that you took this wisdom all from your own path — while falling down, but every time picking a new gem up again… No, you don’t need to go to ashram, indeed… The ashram is already inside you, and that’s why people come to you every day… I read your life story and thought ‘God, it is so similar to mine own!… I would like to be like her one day!’… So easy, so wise, so simple and sincere… God thank you for putting such people on our Earth!…
Thank you for sharing…
Thank you for loving…
Thank you for being…
Beloved.“–Yours Vaida

“Something just happened to me…I feel free…a little wierd…things you said started making sense…I donno …I feel like crying, laughing, happy.”–Kushi

“You are great!!! Your words, your phrases everything is sooooo touching…its like I’m in wonderland and all those beautiful sayings… Seriously lots to learn from you!!!!! You know how to live life!!!”–Sandy

“Querida Dvorahji, Your words are always so touching. Today with your writing about the path you brought tears to my eyes, because it is not only the words but the intensity you put behind them! Blessings”–Juan

“If it could be different, it would be.” This mantra has helped me through some sticky days! Thank you so much!”–Shawn

“Ahhhh – you are a Breath of Fresh Air!!! Thank you for your llatest post. Just watched your mini-film about ‘Sabotaging oneself’ – so True – so Funny in Reality !!! Love it.”–Geraldine

“I loved the video and think your website is wonderful – I sent the link to a bunch of friends – love the excerpts. And it is particularly sweet to hear your laughter! YEAH!!~~”–Mariotte

“Whoever made you appear in my life…whoever gave this gift to me… and is still giving…putting me into the flow, also the flow of tears, arising from gratitude or whatever…”whoever” = must be LOVE, You. Thank you so much again, and again bringing me to the ground of not being separated thank you so much.”–Gesa

“Dvorahji you make it so simple! Thanks for the constant reminders. God knows I need it – they come from so many directions in my life.”–love Devon

“Hello Dvorah, thank you for posting this I find it so helpful in that I can find some sense of peace with what is, thank you. I absolutely love your page, work, and the goodness you exhibit in helping others.”–Carry

“Oh Dvorah Ji, You just made my day! So true! Lots of love.” –Vivek

“When you say SHUT UP even GOD & GURU will obey. Of course grandmothers will not SHUT UP.”–Gokul

“I luv cha! I love that caress, that light oozing from you! “You are by far one of the best discoveries I’ve had in Facebook Thank you”–Ramon

“Dear Dvorah…I love to read your bits and pieces, so light and economical…like enjoying a yummy fairy cake and a nice cup of tea! love love love.”–Anji

“Beautiful shift of perspective, thank you darling! But why couldn’t I have realized this 35 years ago!!! ;)”–Richard

“You are great darling. Your face and words just reflect love… thank you. we love you.”–Feyza

“Thank you very much for your kind and insightful words and videos. You are a stepping stone on my road to enlightenment and awakening =)”–August

“Thank you, thank you , thank you for all you share! I’m so glad that you find me here on facebook! And I get so crazy happy when I read all wisdom and when I see you in every pictures! Love You! =D”

“Dear Dvorah gee, Thank you so much. I have seen each and every one of your videos by now, seen your website, Downloaded the song ‘Life is totally meaningless’ to my phone (considering the risk in my nature that I forget this important fact tomorrow) Really Really liked the one about free will 🙂 and the one about perfection … well everything. Love you absolutely – you are just too beautiful for words :)”–Preeti

“Dearest Dvorahji With all my precious tensions I just happened to stumble on your videos on you tube quite by accident ! And I laughed so much … that I feel totally free ! Thank you so much.”–Love Janice

“Thank you so much :):):)You are a beautiful source of inspiration,so radiant and full of light !!*hugssss*”–Sai

“A beautiful, cheerful Mantra if there ever was one! Thank you so much for summing up yet another element of self-torture we, the challenged and confused, tend to put ourselves through! This will be my theme song, as it makes so much sense…and I keep singing it to myself! Love and Blessings.”–Shannon

“Dvorah-ji, even though you don’t know me…You are a source of happiness and joy which I come across every day. Forgive my selfishness! I am not a very outspoken person but I sure love to receive your good humor and laughter. Wisdom of life.”–Johnathon

“Your video was wonderful. It made me smile. It made me laugh and cheers me every time I am feeling a bit blue. You are a true inspiration! xxx”–Nate

“Dvorahji. It’s so great to have someone like you in AOL! You’re absolutely amazing and adorable, especially your off-the-wall interpretations of spiritual messages! I L-O-V-E your videos!! An adoring fan, JGD.”–Liz

“Thank you so much, I’m in tears – for this simplicity and for the love you give what a gift. LOVE…”–Geisa

“Like Sri Sri, you give such joy to the world. You make us laugh at ourselves with joy & let go. Truly let go and see who we are. You cause us to realize who we are in the most basic manner. It becomes evident to us through your understanding that we ARE & not to take it all too seriously. That teaches us to go with the flow and accept life as it comes & to love it for ALL it is. Lots of Love and Laughter.” –Devi